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Publication and Sale of Principles of Cemented Carbide Production and Quality Control

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    Edited by Professor Zhou Shuzhi, the "Principles of Cemented Carbide Production and Quality Control" published by Metallurgical Industry Publishing House has been officially published and sold.  
    "Principles and Quality Control of Cemented Carbide Production" is divided into 12 chapters. The main contents include: development and application of cemented carbide; characterization of powder properties of cemented carbide raw materials; characterization of physical and mechanical properties and structure of cemented carbide; tungsten metallurgical process and quality control; preparation and quality control of cobalt and tungsten powders; preparation and quality control of carbide powders; and mixture preparation. Preparation and Quality Control; Molding and Quality Control; Other Forming Methods of Cemented Carbide; Basic Theory of Cemented Carbide Sintering; Cemented Carbide Sintering Equipment and Sintering Process; Recycling and Utilization of Waste Cemented Carbide.
    This book can be used for reference not only for teachers and students majoring in metal materials, non-metal materials and powder metallurgy, but also for engineers and technicians majoring in related fields.
   This book has been sold in powder metallurgy library. Welcome to order it.


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